Participate in Hometown Heroes

If you would like to participate, please:

  • Print and complete the banner form.
  • Enclose the form and your service photo in an envelope addressed to Bolton Hometown Heroes c/o Karen Regan
  • Bring or mail your envelope to Linda Day, Town Secretary, at the Bolton Town Hall, 663 Main Street, Bolton, MA 01740.

Once we scan your photo and complete the design of your banner we will return all materials to you. At that time we will ask you to review and approve the banner.

  • Alternatively, if you have a high quality digital photo, you can email the image to Karen Regan along with your completed form.¬†We also created an online form at: that you can use instead of the paper form if that is easier for you.
Please note that the production of the banners and duration of how long and when they are displayed is contingent on the number of Veterans who participate in the program. If you agree to participate in our Hometown Heroes program, we will send you more information on how and when banners will be displayed.

Examples from Leominster

  • The City of Leominster launched a similar program a few years ago and they have been working with us to help replicate it in Bolton. They also post all of their banners online so please click here if you are interested in seeing an example of the banners from Leominster.

NRHS Veterans Program

  • We have initiated another Veterans project with Nashoba Regional High School. We plan to create a program with the high school faculty that allows students in the senior grade to interview our local Veterans to capture their service stories. These stories will be shared in the Clinton Item, the high school paper as well as broadcast on our local television stations. We are still in the preliminary planning stages but if you are interested in participating or staying informed as we finalize the program, please indicate your interest on the form.

Further Information and Questions

  • For more information on the program, please see our current proposal and plan by clicking here.
  • If you have any questions or comments, please contact Linda Day at 978.779.2297 or Karen Regan at 978.505.2457. We hope you are able to participate and look forward to sharing your stories with our community today and for generations to follow.

Thank you for your service