We are a group of firefighters from Bolton, Massachusetts, who have formed an association to support the Bolton Volunteer Fire Department and the Bolton firefighters.  Bolton is located about 45 minutes west of Boston.  Our town spans about 20 square miles and is home to approximately 5,000 people.  The town has a rich agricultural history which is still evident today, as Bolton is a “right to farm” community.  We have some beautiful local amenities including local conservation land and walking trails.  For more information about our town, please visit the town website.

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What is Quickstep?

Good question.  Now residing in the New York City Fire Museum, the Bolton Quickstep is an early version of a hand-pumped fire engine. It was built around 1820 and is an example of early firefighting efforts.  Can you imagine pulling and pushing this apparatus up some of the hills in Bolton and then pumping water through the wooden machine?  The firefighters back in the early 1800s are to be commended.  As a nod to our forefathers, we have adopted the name “quickstep” for our association and muster team.

Association Officers

The Bolton Volunteer Firefighters Association has several officer positions that are appointed based on our bylaws. These positions include

President: Matt Bosselait
Vice President: Jeff Weinfurt
Clerk: Dave Byler
Treasurer: Roger McManus