The Bolton Quickstep Muster team competes in several different musters throughout New England every year.  We are a member of the Wachusett Muster League and participate in a muster hosted by rotating towns on or around father’s day every year.  We are fortunate to have a beautiful white 1957 LaFrance to use in the events.  Many musters in New England are “foot musters” and do not require the use of a pumper engine and we try to seek out these musters when we can rustle up a team.

Saturday, September 18th 2021, Harvard MA will be hosting the running of the Wachusett Muster League Truck Muster. The parade starts at 11am, with muster races immediately after in the center of Harvard. Come join us for a fun filled afternoon as the Fire Department muster teams from: Bolton, Princeton, Sterling, Holden, Boylston and Rutland compete. The events will include the tower, care fire, bed race, pump run, Ladies event and the old timers race!

Use 1 Still River Road, Harvard MA for our GPS. 

Don’ forget to wear the gear of your favorite team!