Beat the Beast on November 17, 2018 at 9:00am!

The start and finish will be at the Bolton Public Safety Building located at 15 Wattaquadock Hill Road.  The course heads towards Memorial Field (away from Rt. 117) on Wattaquadock Hill Road, left onto Old Bay, around Randall and on Farm Rd, left onto South Bolton Rd to Berlin Rd,  and a right back onto Wattaquadock Hill towards the finish line.  Course and parking information.

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This non-profit event will benefit the Bolton Volunteer Fire Association’s goal of purchasing cancer-preventing hoods for the firefighters of Bolton, MA.  Cancer is the leading cause of death among firefighters.  While the Bolton Fire Department has implemented new policies and procedures to ensure firefighter safety while on the fire ground and to reduce exposure to carcinogens on gear and equipment, there is more than can be done.  Particulate hoods are specifically designed to block carcinogens from reaching a firefighter’s neck, throat, and jawline.  This critical piece of equipment protects one of the most vulnerable parts of a firefighter’s body where carcinogens can be readily absorbed through the skin.

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